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College Facilities


Anatomy Laboratory

In anatomy laboratory many laminated charts on the key aspect of human anatomical structures, full set of adult human articulated as well as disarticulated adult skeleton, wet specimen of organs & models of various body parts are special features of the laboratory


The college has well equipped fundamental laboratory in this laboratory the student practice the Nursing art & procedure before they start their article practice in the clinical field. The laboratory is equipped with chase doll, CPR mannequin, pulse oxymeter & many other facilities which are required for an ideal ward situation

Community health Nursing laboratory

The CHN laboratory provide hand on experience to the student by simulating the family situation and help student to develop competency for providing community health service the laboratory has adequate set all the required item for the practice of various skill and techniques for family health care and public health care activities in community.
·A well-developed Community Health Department with urban & rural community centers
with various developmental activities planned and executed scientifically are at the disposal of students for practical community health nursing experience.

Nutrition Laboratory

The Nutrition laboratory is equipped with facilities of cooling storage & preservation of food and demonstration of diet preparation based on nutritional needs of people the student practice under the guidance of qualified dieticians

Maternal child health Nursing laboratory

In this laboratory, the students practices antenatal, intra-natal & post natal care before they go to the clinical setting. The laboratory has a mannequin to practice delivery, suture simulator, new born doll, various obstetrical & gynecological instrument and laminated chart to learn maternity Nursing and child health Nursing.


The college has own Nursing library with a degree number of text books with latest national and international journals. Library is equipped with the internal facilities and having the source of additional information for acquiring the a great spear of knowledge in all subject.
Rules and Regulation of library. 1) Library timing are extending from 9 am to 5 pm except on Sunday and it closed in all listed holidays of the nursing college. 2) Keeping in mind that library is a place of individual study and research, Member should maintain atmosphere of dignity, peace & silence within the library premises. 3)Smoking or eatables of any kind are strictly prohibited around the library. 4) Membership is free for college staff and students of the nursing college.


Nursing Practice

The entire hospital complex of yashwant allopthic hospital with all advanced procedures neonatal ICU Cardiac ICU, ICCU and operation theater are well equipped in all specialties. The nursing Students are exposed to all these advanced technique and different procedures.

Audio visual liberator

Audio visual liberator having a seating capacity over 30 students all equipped with latest audio visual system including LCD projector overhead projector, type recorder, etc. In this laboratory charts and other exhibits related to Nursing.


Computer Laboratory

Adequate number for computer with internet facilities available in this laboratory. Our expert computer professional train the student to learn basic computer application.

Dental Care Unit

All Dental facilities like extraction of teeth, route canal, inceration of silver & cement etc.
Modern facilities/operations regarding to E.N.T.

dental care


24 hour ambulance available for patients.