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Aims & Objectives
  1. To keepup the standard of nursing profession.
  2. To give training in nursing care of patients In all
    types of diseases.
  3. To impart the knowledge & help them to develop
    skill to carry out the National Programmes in
    prevention & treatment of diseases.
  4.  To help them to understand the mental hygiene,
    ethical & moral standards involved in the practice of
  5. To help them to understand the emotional background, the physical& mentalstatus of the diseasedperson.
  6. 10 prepare them to educate all others around
  7.  To educate them to participate in various Programmes in prevention of diseases & promotion of health in the community. They will carry out their Programmes is co-operation with medical& Paramedical personnel.
  8. To prepare them to take care of community
    health in rural areas, by regular home visiting,
    health education & domiciliary nursing care &


Aims & Objectives

Our Aims

The aim of this nursing college Is to prepare qualified nursing care, in promotion of health care
system in the community to meet any challenge in the